Mommyhood ABC's Xtras

Xtra! Xtra! Read All About It!

This section of my blog, Xtras is going to be for all those other things I want to include, but they either

1. Don’t fit in any of my main categories or

2. They fit in more than 1 category!

Plus, who doesn’t love extras! I would love to also grow my blog to a point that I will be able to include fun giveaways in this section as well! How awesome would that be?! So this section includes the following:

Mommyhood ABC's I Love...

I love lots of things! I am sure you all do too. Here I will share random things that come into my life that I just absolutely love! Come explore some of these amazing things and learn about some new things you might just want to add to your life! Got something you love and want to share!? Talk to me!

Mommyhood ABC's Junk Drawer

So I am going to be honest. Not sure what I am doing with this “Junk Drawer” category yet haha. But I am guessing, if I come up with a post and realize, “where the hell does this belong?” I will throw it here in the JUNK DRAWER! So this should be interesting! I think I will also put all my GIVEAWAYS here!!!

Mommyhood ABC's List Love

Who doesn’t love lists. You know when they have those articles with like “25 Way to Say I love You” or “10 Things¬†Happy People Do Every Morning.” I want to make those lists. However, mine will be totally MY opinion. Take them with a “grain of salt” if you will. Haha! And I want to make them random, so instead of “even numbers or numbers ending in 5 or 0” lol, I will do lists of like 3 or 7 or 13. Just because, you know, I like to be different!

Mommyhood ABC's Quotes

I love love love quotes! All kinds of quotes! I think they are amazing. Funny ones. Sad ones. Foul-mouthed ones. Motivational ones. They are all awesome! So here and there I will share quotes that cross my path, that are just AMAZING and I must share!

Mommyhood ABC's Zero to Hero

Not sure how much I love this title page name. However, that is what I thought of when trying to think of Z! But anyways, I guess it kinda fits as I will be talking about all things nonprofit and volunteer work. I LOVE helping and I do a lot of work with nonprofits. So I needed a section dedicated to these adventures. Plus, when I do work with nonprofits, I do kinda feel like a superhero at the end of the day! So why not?! If you love nonprofits, you will definitely want to stay connected here!