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I am excited to share my knowledge with you about Event Planning. If you are an event planner or looking to plan an event, but do not want to have to hire someone, this is the place for you! I have been planning events for over 5 years! I absolutely love it and am ready to share what I know with those who are interested! When researching other’s that give advice about event planning, I noticed there was a lot on corporate events planning, becoming an event planner and just really intense event planning information. I plan to simplify that. All my information will be useful to seasoned event planners as well as everyday people looking to plan an awesome event. No matter where your experience lies, I know I will be able to help.

Event Planning – Simplified…Coming Soon

I am currently brainstorming everything and creating what needs to be created. So please know that this information is coming soon. I do not want to just throw anything out there. I want it to be valuable and useful. Not just something put together over night. So be patient and know that it is on the way! Can’t wait!? Need some assistance right away, please visit my OneLove Resolutions page to find out how I can help you now!