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Welcome to Mommyhood ABC‘s

Hello! And welcome to my brand new BLOG! My name is Nohea and I will be your blogger here at Mommyhood ABC’s. Today is the first day of starting this new blog. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I am so glad to finally have my own little part of the internet world. This welcome post is for YOU to learn a little more about Mommyhood ABC’s. I am especially excited to introduce you to my blog and my hopes for my blog. First, who am I?! Like I said, my name is Nohea. If you would like to know more about me, please visit my ABOUT ME page! If you have more questions for me, please do NOT hesitate to ask! Contact me by email or comment below. Whatever is easiest for you!

So what am I doing here & with this blog!?

I have been wanting to start a blog for so long! You have no idea! Here I am, finally starting a blog. Mommyhood ABC’s is about


Being an Entrepreneur

and just balancing life

This blog is an outlet for me, but also a way to connect with other moms and families. Especially those that are trying to juggle life, parenthood and work. It can get crazy! I know. I would love to have my blog be a place to find solace. To find a community of other moms that you can connect with, grow with and learn from. I know for me, knowing other’s that are going through similar situations is comforting when you are able to connect and learn from each other. A lot of times I feel like as moms we judge each other and think we are all alone. This blog is for moms who are tired of the judging. This blog is about supporting each other. This blog is about knowing you are not alone and finding a place to come together. This blog is about building each other up instead of tearing each other down.

What will you find in this blog?!

Well right now, unless I decide to tweak things or change things up. This blog will have 4 main sections. Those sections include:


Workin’ It

Colorado Love


Mommyhood ABC's Family Page


This section of the blog is all things family oriented. Here you will find blog posts about holiday fun like recipes, crafts, planners, activities, stories and more. There will be blogs about the crazy adventures I have with my boys and all the craziness that comes with living with boys! We will also get a little more personal here. Sometimes in a sad way other times in a funny way, but either way, it will be more personal. Find out more about this section of the blog by visiting the Family page! The subcategories of this blog include:


Kids World

Mommy Diaries


Sexy Talk

Mommyhood ABC's Workin' It Page

Workin’ It

This section of the blog is to hopefully connect my personal business, my entrepreneur side with those that are interested in learning more and connecting with me on this level. OneLove Resolutions is my personal business. Workin’ It will include printables of all kinds, news with what is going on in my business, about juggling mommyhood and work, motivation and tips for #Mompreneurs, networking and of course talking about money. Because work and money go hand in hand (hopefully). Find out more about this section of the blog by visiting the Workin’ It page! The subcategories of this blog page include:


OneLove Resolutions


You & Money

Event Planning – Simplified

Mommyhood ABC's CO Love Page

Colorado Love

This section of the blog is for my local family! All those living in Colorado Springs. If you haven’t found out, I live in Colorado Springs, CO. Because of that I knew I wanted to showcase my local place of residence. Plus, as a marketing & events planner, it only makes sense to include this section of my blog to do what I do naturally. So this section will highlight some amazing local businesses, places and attractions in Colorado and events happening in Colorado Springs. Find out more about this section of the blog by visiting the CO Love page! The subcategories of this blog page include:


Guides Galore

Local Business

Visit Here

Mommyhood ABC's Xtras


And finally, my Xtras! This is where all the randomness of life falls into. You will find blog posts of lists, quotes, favorite things, lifestyle, and more! This is where everything else will be expressed that I need to get out and share with you! I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite section. But I guess we will see! To find out more about thissection of the blog, visit the Xtras page! The subcategories of this blog page include:

I Love…

Junk Drawer

List Love


Zero to Hero

So welcome to my blog. I really hope that you will stay and see this blog grow. I am all about building relationships, so comment on blog posts, email me with comments, stories, ideas, questions, etc. And if you really want to stay connected, subscribe to my monthly newsletter to stay up to date and connected with Mommyhood ABC’s.



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