#RedMyLips: Why You Should Be Rockin’ Red Lipstick

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Lipstick Beauties #RedMyLips


How Do You Rock Red Lipstick!?

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Lipstick Beauties #RedMyLips

Red My Lips Today!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. If you didn’t read my earlier post about #SAAM and children, be sure to check it out now. Although the month is almost over, we need to be raising awareness for Sexual Assault all year long until more is done. Until all justice is served. Until everyone begins respecting everyone. Until then, we need to continue to speak out on sexual assault. I wish I had heard about this nonprofit and movement earlier, but I just found out about them recently. Have you ever heard of #RedMyLips!? If not, be sure to check out their website now! You can best be sure that next year I will be hosting an awesome event for #RedMyLips in April! I am super excited, coming up with ideas already. So be ready!

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips Logo #RedMyLips

What is Red My Lips?

Red My Lips is an international nonprofit organization that was started in December 2012. The founder, Danielle Tansino faced sexual assault and the tasks that came with reporting her assault. As a result of her experience, she started Red My Lips. Red My Lips aims to

“Raise visibility and awareness about the realities and prevalence of sexual violence, while combating rape myths and victim-blaming.”

Their approach includes promoting both survivor support and culture change.

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips Strategy #RedMyLips

Their mission is

“To transform our culture of sexual violence by educating, inspiring, and mobilizing a global community to red their lips, raise their voices and create real change.”

This is not a “women’s issue,” it is a human issue. #RedMyLips Click To Tweet

And my favorite thing about the #RedMyLips movement. It is NOT just about women. They involve men and want men to be involved. I love that they speak about this issue not just being about women, that our boys and men are susceptible to rape and sexual violence as well. As a mother to 3 boys, this is important to me to raise awareness about. If you missed my earlier post about Sexual Assault Month, check it out now.

The Color Red

Thanks to Color Psychology, we know a lot about the meaning behind colors, including RED! And the science behind the meaning of red fits this cause perfectly. I won’t go into complete detail, but feel free to do more of your own research on color psychology, starting with this website where I obtained the following information! 

The color red is the color of energy, passion and action. #RedMyLips Click To Tweet

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Color Psychology #RedMyLips

Positive or negative, these words that represent Red say so much about this movement, #RedMyLips. From the positive, #RedMyLips is about taking action and creating a movement. Through this movement we all come together to grab people’s attention, show our determination and passion to end sexual violence and exude confidence & assertiveness for those who have felt silenced. Even the negative wording represents #RedMyLips. Through this movement we express our anger towards sexual violence. We will not tolerate sexual violence. We are rebelling against all things sexual violence.

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Represents #RedMyLips

In April, their biggest movement is to wear RED lipstick throughout the month of April. By wearing this red lipstick, supporters show their passion to speak out against victim blaming and rape myths and to bring everyone together to support survivors and raise awareness.

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Represents #RedMyLips

Wearing red lipstick, we are inspired to take action, especially during this month long campaign. We demand to be seen and to #SpeakUpSpeakOut. So join Red My Lips and show your support. If you are like me, I wear red lipstick year around. But especially this month, rock that RED!

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Variations of Red #RedMyLips

Before reading the next image, which variation of RED do you prefer to rock?! Maroon, Burgundy, Crimson or Scarlet. Do you know!? I know Burgundy and Maroon are pretty close. However, burgundy is more dark purplish, while maroon is more dark bluish. When you do, see the next image to see what that says about you!

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Variations #RedMyLips

Does your choice of red match the description of you? It is pretty amazing how Color Psychology works. Even better, if red is your favorite color, see what this personality of red says about you. How much resonates with you?

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Personality #RedMyLips

Is RED your favorite color?! Find out what it says about your personality! #RedMyLips Click To Tweet

Red Lipstick Beauties

In the spirit of #RedMyLips, I asked some of my favorite people to send me selfies of themselves rockin’ their red lipstick! These are some amazing, powerful, confident and passionate women in my life. I love all these strong women and what they stand for. So here is our tribute to this month’s movement #RedMyLips!

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Lipstick Beauties #RedMyLips

Not only did these beauties rock their red lipstick, but they gave me some amazing & inspiring quotes!

My good friend Amanda G. rocks her red lips even as a mom because

“Being a mom…best feeling ever!” – Amanda G.

And as a mom myself, I have to agree with her. Moms – don’t believe you can’t rock the red just because you have hit mom status. I rock the red almost everyday! I think for me, it is one of the things that helps me feel “me” again and remind me that I am more than JUST a mom.

Avrilyn H. & Michelle V. have encountered others who do not agree with the red, however, they are proving them wrong & rocking the red!

“I’m just now starting to love the look of red lips on myself. I was always told the color was not for everyone, but I think anyone can wear red lipstick if they want!” – Avrilyn H.

“Some people say it’s to flashy, but who cares be yourself and show off those red lips! Cause I do.” – Michelle V.

And I totally agree with them. And that is what I love about #RedMyLips. This is a movement for EVERYONE! You can see women & MEN rocking their red lips proudly in support for this movement. So don’t be afraid to rocks those red lips and #SpeakUpSpeakOut!

These amazing beauties, Jessica R., Cheyenne Y. & Anna T. point out a great reminder for us all! Especially for those that need that little boost of confidence! Do it for you!

“Red lipstick gives me the confidence I need to take on the world! And nobody can take that away from me!” – Jessica R.

“I wear red lipstick every day because I love it. It doesn’t matter if anyone thinks it’s too much, I feel confident and empowered in red lipstick. The right shade of red can strike fear in the heart of anyone.” – Cheyenne Y.

I love my red lipstick because I love the way it looks. It’s a statement I make to the world that I’m doing something for myself – not for anyone else, and if you like it, COOL!” – Anna T.

The next beauties, Cori R. & my sister, Jaymi M., feel the same way. When they are needing that extra boost, just apply that red lipstick!

“Once I put on my red lips, I feel like a million dollars! I feel Confident, sexy, powerful, determined and classy!!” – Cori R.

“I feel ready to conquer the world, sass && class…the power of the red lip!!!!!” – Jaymi M.

And last, but definitely not least, my beautiful friend Francesca E. has these words of wisdom to share. I wanted to save them for last because they are truly beautiful and something that everyone needs to hear and I am sure many can relate to.

“This is my body. It belongs to me. This body has ran many achieving miles. This body has overcome many past conditions and addictions. This body has loved others. This body has survived many bruises, cuts, and brokenness even with words it has stood strong. This body dreams big. This body has flown over rivers to achieve her goals. This body has graduated and received much rewards for her achievements. This body has fallen but picked herself back up. This body has starved but she’s now fed with ultimate wisdom. This body has once wanted to give up many times but she’s found muscle to keep going. Now do you see? She’s just not a body. She’s a woman with a heart. A soul. A brain. And a spirit. This body is not a victim. She’s a warrior. A Queen. A teacher. A leader. A designer. A role model. An athlete. This body is an over comer of her past abuse.” – Francesca E.

(Red) Lipstick Quotes

And I couldn’t end this article without including some amazing Red Lipstick quotes! Here are just a few of my favorites that I have come across! Feel free to share them, use them and spread the message! These quotes rock & remind us that we are amazing!

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Lipstick Quotes #RedMyLips

“Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people!” – Dita Von Teese

“Life is to short, make every day a RED LIPSTICK day!”

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Lipstick Quotes #RedMyLips

“She has a way with words, red lipstick & making an entrance” – Kate Spade

“I came out of the womb waving red lipstick!” – Rose McGowan

“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.”

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Lipstick Quotes #RedMyLips

“Beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick ass red lipstick.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Lipstick Quotes #RedMyLips

“There is a shade of red for every woman.” – Audrey Hepburn

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Lipstick Quotes #RedMyLips

“Put on a red lipstick and watch your confidence rise 3 inches.”

“You’re never completely naked when you’re wearing red lipstick.”

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Lipstick Quotes #RedMyLips

“Red lipstick is the beauty equivalent of a shot of espresso.”

“You know a woman means business when she puts on red lipstick.”

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Lipstick Quotes #RedMyLips

“Put on some red lipstick and live a little!”

Mommyhood ABC's Red My Lips - Red Lipstick Quotes #RedMyLips

“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.” -Elizabeth Taylor

“Lipstick can’t solve all problems, but it’s a pretty great start.”

Man! This article has me pumped. I have come to the end, but this is definitely not the end for many of us that are working to end sexual violence and any other violence or unjust acts against humans. We all deserve to live life with no worries. I hope one day that happens. I hope this movement has motivated you to #SpeakUpSpeakOut in your own way. To start a revolution of your own in your own home town. I know for me, this subject is close to my heart and I am proud to be a part of a great mission where I live called Empower Colorado. Check out my first blog on Empowered Colorado to find out more about our organization or visit the website. We work with girls and women who have faced all sorts of obstacles and tribulations in life, including sexual violence. We would love for you to learn more about us as well. And remember, to visit Red My Lips website to learn more about the #RedMyLips movement!

So let’s end this April with a bang! Comment below how you rock your red lipstick & better yet, post a picture on your social media or below of you rocking red lipstick!

Remember to use hashtag #RedMyLips. 

This is how I rock my RED! #RedMyLips #MommyhoodABCs Click To Tweet

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