Pregnancy + The S-E-X Word: The Good & The Bad

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex

Pregnancy + SEX

S-E-X. That’s right. Let’s talk about sex! Pregnancy sex that is. Pregnancy itself is a whole new world, let alone the sex aspect. So here is some background info on me & why this post has come about. I am 38 weeks pregnant! I know…I am almost there! OMG I can’t believe it. This is my 3rd pregnancy, so this is definitely not my first rodeo. Anyways, I felt the need to share something funny. And trust me, if you haven’t been pregnant before, you wouldn’t understand. Because there are definitely moments in your pregnancy where sex is just A-M-A-Z-ing! The feeling is like no other, definitely different from when you are not pregnant. And then you, of course, have those moments during pregnancy where you want nothing to do with sex. It is almost like a rollercoaster ride, where you just don’t know how you will feel about sex on that given week or even day!

Pregnancy SEX Myths…BUSTED!

First, before we get to the main part of this post, let’s BUST some of those Myths about pregnancy sex! This is really mostly for the guys, because, well, you all can be silly! I know, I am no doctor, but trust me, these are all just myths. If you don’t believe me, google it for yourself and better yet, consult with your doctor.

Myth #1: “I don’t want to hit the baby with my PENIS!”

Haha! Aren’t you guys so cute? First, to think your penis is that major that you would hit the baby. But seriously, it just isn’t possible. I don’t care how well endowed you may be! Between the cervix being closed, a thick mucus plug and the baby being in the uterus, surrounded by the amniotic sac, the baby is perfectly safe from your penis. So guys, especially for you first-time daddy’s who think this is a possibility! It is most definitely NOT! So when your lovely lady wants it, be sure to give it up!

Myth #2: “We don’t want to hurt the baby!”

This is a belief by a lot of first-time parents. The idea of you bouncing around and having a good time might seem like a bad idea for the baby, but trust me, you are not harming the baby. Plus, as you get bigger, there won’t be too much motion going on. The first trimester, if you are up for sex, might be the most movement going on during pregnancy, where you can still switch up your positions pretty well. However, don’t feel like all that bouncing and movement will harm your baby, because it won’t. Again, between the multiple layers to your baby and being inside the amniotic sac, it is perfectly safe.

Myth #3: “I don’t want to induce labor.”

Don’t let your lady fool you. Haha. But there is no medical evidence that it really does. However, do note, that nipple stimulation is more likely to cause labor, than the actual sex itself. So if you are further along in your pregnancy, you might ask your SO to leave the “girls” alone just in case. Unless of course you are looking to help induce labor! Now if your doctor suggests or says you need to not have sex, then listen to him, but otherwise, you should be good throughout your pregnancy.

Myth #4: “The baby will remember or know that we had sex!”

This is THE funniest one. I want to say funnier than then guys thinking their penis will touch the baby. Seriously guys. It just isn’t going to happen. Your baby has no idea. I mean, hello, we have to explain to children what sex is at some point in their life. If babies knew, that would mean the sex talk wouldn’t be needed, that we are just born knowing about sex. And that is certainly not the case. Think about it…did you know your parents had sex while pregnant with you?! Do you really remember that?! I highly doubt it.

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex

My Thoughts…On Pregnancy Sex

Okay, So pregnancy thoughts! These are all my own personal thoughts I have had during sex while pregnant or before or after the deed. It proves just how much the feelings around sex change during pregnancy. I am sure most of you ladies who have been pregnant can relate to most of these feelings. I also have included some funny memes and GIF’s to make it even more entertaining. I thought about creating my own, but there are so many great ones already out there, why reinvent the wheel? So here we go ladies (and guys, if you are reading). And if you are pregnant, don’t pee your pants from laughter! I know I could barely write this without laughing hysterically.

Let’s admit it. The first trimester you are still your normal weight. However, between the hormones and changes going on in your body, having sex during the first trimester can be a totally unexpected journey. One minute you might want it really bad and the next minute you don’t want to be touched. It is totally understandable. Men will never understand, but ladies, I know we can all relate. By the second trimester you normally get your energy back and so sex may increase during this time or stay pretty neutral. And then, of course, there is the lovely third trimester where you just feel like a beached whale. You are sore, you just want the baby out already and you might lose your energy again. And then you also may feel super horny, but at the same time, totally don’t want anything to do with sex. Or maybe you do. All of us ladies will experience pregnancy sex differently, just as all of our pregnancies will be different. However, I still believe some of my very thoughts are probably similar or have at one time crossed your minds at some point in your pregnancy.

All these thoughts or feelings can honestly come about at any point during pregnancy. At first, I thought, well maybe I will break them into trimesters, but then I realized, nope, I felt like that at different times. So breaking them into different trimesters just didn’t make as much sense. So here they are!

The Many Adventures of Pregnancy Sex

“OMG! It feels so good!”

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex Meme

That’s right guys. Pregnancy sex is a totally different feeling while pregnant. We feel “fuller” down there between all the extra blood circulating and changes to our vagina, it can feel amazing. Take advantage of these days guys. Because when we are in that “OMG! It feels so good mood,” we could want sex every day or even multiple times a day. So take what you can get!

“Baby I wanna Sex you up!”

Another great feeling. Guys, again, take advantage of this. We will get those moments and some of us (lucky guys) it will last a while or be almost throughout the whole pregnancy that we are just constantly horny. We want to just have sex all the time. Again, all those hormones, changing our bodies and more blood circulating, can cause us to feel this way. Not always possible to fulfill those needs constantly (especially when you know, you are trying to be an adult), but man, we can be super horny and want to have it as much as possible. It can be irritating when we can’t have it, so don’t be surprised if we end up taking care of ourselves more often as well. Oh, you’re welcome…I know you all are singing the song right now, so I had to include it off course!

“Don’t F*cking Touch Me!” 

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex

See! This is why you want to take advantage of those days where we really want it. Some days we just don’t want to be touched. Between all the nausea, hormones, feeling good one minute and feeling like you look like shit the next minute, it can really mess with how we feel about ourselves. So give us a minute and don’t feel bad if we just aren’t in the mood.

“You want me to put what in my mouth?!” or, “I think I am going to throw up!”


This is not meant to offend you! I swear. It is more about the fact that we can be super nauseous. Especially the first trimester of pregnancy. All that nausea can be super awful. So the thought of putting your….package in our mouth just doesn’t seem like the best thing at the moment. And all that movement from sex, again, just doesn’t seem like the best thing when all you feel like doing is throwing up! And hey! Better safe than sorry, I know you would hate it if we threw up while doing the deed. GROSS!

“Touch me…Don’t touch me…I’m so fat! Seriously, don’t touch me!”


Again, those crazy hormones will have us all over the place. Some days it is better just to leave us be until we are ready. Promise, we will let you know when we are ready.

“Doggy Style…I’m lazy tonight!”

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex Memes

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex Memes

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex Memes

LOL! Love this movie. But no seriously. Most of us will just want to do it doggie style because, well we are feeling a little lazy lol. It is a step up from the spooning position, but still allows us to be pretty lazy when it comes to doing the deed.

“Get on top! Just kidding…I can’t breathe!”

There will come a point where lying flat on our back is just NOT an option. So, if that happens to occur during sex, don’t be alarmed. We just honestly can’t lay flat down once that belly pops and we start getting bigger!

“I want to, but my vagina hurts!” or “I want to, but my everything hurts!”

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex Memes                                               Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex Memes
Oh God! This is especially true right now for me. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am like, “I hurt EVERYWHERE!” Seriously, just trying to turn over in bed is a mission. Let alone trying to have sex. But don’t get me wrong, I still want it at this stage, it just takes a lot of energy to work my way up to it. haha. So be kind to us mamas when we tell you we hurt! Maybe offer a massage before jumping to the deed.

“Nice & Slow or nothing at all!”

Sometimes you just got to be gentle. We may want it, but you gotta go “nice & slow” or don’t get anything at all! No questions asked! And again…had to play the song, because you know, now it is stuck in my head!

“Sensory overload! I repeat, sensory overload!”

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex Memes

Yeah, seriously! “Kitty” definitely will feel overstimulated at times. Again, listen to your lady. During pregnancy sex, you don’t really need to throw in all the “tricks” you might have to use to regularly make her orgasm. Trust me, we have enough going on down there, we don’t need all different areas being stimulated at one time.

“I’m huge! I hope I am not squishing him!”

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Memes

This was just hilarious! And such a great image of how I feel when I am on top at this point. LOL! LOL! Okay, but in all seriousness….lol what am I saying, this is exactly how we feel, especially in the third trimester when we are just huge!

“Oh, you want to have sex, me too. I think. I don’t know, I am so tired. No, let’s do it!”

Mommyhod ABC's Pregnancy Sex Memes

Yes! We are all over the place. We realize that. We are sorry, not sorry! Those damn hormones!

“Stop! Gotta pee…again!”

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex Memes

If you haven’t figured it out yet, pregnant women have to pee ALL THE TIME! So don’t be surprised when we need to make sure to empty out the bladder before sex, during sex and after sex. That is just how it goes!

“Spooning position…for those nights where I am feeling extra lazy!”

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex Memes

Remember when I said doggie style was a step up. That is because the spooning position is definitely for extremely lazy nights.

“Squeeze my boobs that hard again & I’ll chop off your balls!”

Mommyhood ABC's Pregnancy Sex Memes

Haha. Seriously. Trust me, guys, it can feel amazing. But you gotta listen to us when we tell you too much or too hard. Those babies are getting ready to be the major food supply for your child (at least some of us) so there are a lot of changes going on. Some days it will be amazing and we want you to touch them all the time, but those days where they are super sensitive, please be gentle and kind. In fact, just don’t touch them! haha.

Closing Remarks

That’s all guys. Actually, I am sure I have thought about other things, but those are the one’s I know for sure went through my mind regarding sex during pregnancy. I hope any of you ladies that are pregnant right now are able to enjoy some good sexy times. If not, I am super sorry. That is a long 9 months. I mean, it is bad enough we can’t drink, we can’t get tattoos (man I can’t wait to get some ink when this is over) and so many other things we can’t do while pregnant. So guys, don’t take all this pregnancy sex stuff so serious. Because honestly, when you think back on it, it is hilarious for the most part. If I missed a really good thought/feeling related to pregnancy sex, definitely make sure I hear about it! I love hearing other’s stories! So share away! And get you some tonight folks!

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Comment below with any of the above thoughts you have experienced or if I missed one, share it with us!!!



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