Why Letter & Card Writing Needs to Make a Come Back

Mommyhood ABC's Letter & Card Writing Month

Letter & Card Writing – Bring Back Snail Mail

April is National Letter & Card Writing Month

I know, there are tons of things to celebrate each month. However, I made the decision back in January that I was going to send out written letters & cards this year just because. I don’t mean sending out your yearly Christmas card or birthday cards to family. I mean just sending out a letter or card to friends or family JUST BECAUSE! Or on a random holiday that you know someone would love. For instance, feel free to send me a card on Cinco De Mayo with a gift certificate to On the Border. haha. But no, seriously. Send out letters & cards just because. Plus, this is something you can do with your kiddos. Whether they are writing or not, they can take part in this fun idea.

Mommyhood ABC's Letter & Card Writing Month

What You Need

  • Addresses. Make sure you have addresses to those people you would want to send letters & cards to. In this day and age, I know many of us don’t use old school address books, but if you wanted to, there are some really cute ones you can buy. If you are more for the digital way to store them, you can use Microsoft Office or Google Drive to keep all your contacts. Plus, I am sure there are tons of other ways to keep your addresses, just make sure you keep them someone that you remember where they are. Also, if you need to get a bunch of addresses, (just like I did at the beginning of the year) just PM everyone on Facebook. I sent out the same message to like 30 people and got responses back immediately!

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  • Stamps. Be sure to have a stack of stamps on hand so that you are always ready to send out a letter & card when you need. That way you can quickly slip it into your mailbox without having to make a trip to the post office. This will keep you from pushing off the task!

What You May Want

Now this is what I love about bringing back snail mail! Because let’s face it, you don’t NEED these items, but hell, I sure do want them! Plus, I am a total office supply whore! I LOVE office supplies! My boyfriend even tries avoiding the office supply sections of stores just so I don’t grab something or worst yet, just walk up and down the aisles forever…as he puts it!

  • Stock up on cards & notepaper. In all reality, you could use just plain computer paper or notebook paper to send letters, but seriously, who wants to do that?! Instead, stock up on some super cute notepaper & cards! There are tons of places that you can find the perfect goodies! Even Target has their amazing Dollar Spot that has tons of awesome stationary these days!

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Mommyhood ABC's Missing You CardMommyhood ABC's Dino Card

  • Stickers. Because who wouldn’t want to place cute little hearts and animal faces all over their letters & cards?! Plus, you need a sticker for the back of the envelope as well…duh!
  • Pens & Other Writing Tools. Of course, a black or blue pen would be just fine. But again, what is the fun in that. This is the time to stock up on or bring out the crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, fancy markers, etc. etc. I know I can NEVER have too many writing tools. So this is a great excuse to get some new fun pens!
  • Address Labels. Now, we could just write our address at the top of the envelope, but seriously, you can get some super cute address labels these days! You can even customize them with your logo or photo of you, your family or kids.

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Why Letter & Card Writing Need to Make a Come Back

Alright, now that you know what you need and probably want so that you can be successful and get started, let’s talk about the WHY!? Why in the world should be go back to snail mail communication. Especially when we have things like Facebook where people know what I am doing 24/7 and I know what they have been up to. For me, I decided this year that I wanted to reach out to family and friends through letters & cards because I felt like they were more personal. Plus, like I have said, it is a great excuse for me to stock up on office supplies! So what are some other reasons!?

1. Everyone loves GOOD snail mail. Do you like how I included GOOD. That is because we still get mail in the mailbox, but normally it is all business and bills. So, when you start writing letters & cards to others, you will be setting yourself up to get letters & cards back from those that you sent mail out to. And who doesn’t love a good pieces of mail. Mail that is just for you & not a bill, demanding money. So if you want more GOOD snail mail, I suggest that you start by sending out GOOD mail yourself.

2. Get off the computer. That’s right. As we all try to find ways to unplug for a bit, this is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Unplug, get out your paper and pen, and just start writing. Sure we get a glimpse and everyone’s life online, but it is always nice to share your life in written form. Especially for older relatives and friends, they will definitely appreciate you taking the time to write just to them.

3. Make others feel good & you will too. That’s right. It will make someone feel so good, so special that you thought to write to them. Because remember, the point of this is to write JUST BECAUSE. Not because it is their birthday or Christmas. Whoever you send a letter or card to will be super stoked that you thought about them and sent out something a little personal. And remember, these letters & cards, they don’t have to be super long winded. You could simply send a card with a old picture or new and a little message that says the card made them think of you. They will absolutely love it! So long or short, these pieces of mail will lead to feel good emotions for both you and the person on the receiving end.

4. Special Trinkets. When you send a letter or card, this is something the person can keep forever. And when you get a return letter or card, it is something you will always be able to keep. This will especially be important to your older relatives and your parents. It is something that will definitely make their day & they will want to hold on to it forever.

5. Involve your kids. Talk about a great way to include your kiddos on something. Kids LOVE mail. Good or bad. I know my kid loves checking our mail and sorting it. However, he does get sad when there is no mail for him. So what a great way to start getting mail for your kid then sending letters & cards out from your child.

Why You Should Involve Your Kids

I felt like this reason needed it’s very own section! There are so many benefits for getting your kids involved in writing letters & cards! Here are some great ways and reasons to do so!

1. Practice their writing skills. This is a big duh! But for older kids learning to write, this will help them to practice those writing skills. Plus, for kids that feel like writing is too much work, allow them to just write. Wrong spelling and all. Don’t go crazy on correcting their grammar, spelling and punctuation. Just let them write. That way they can see that writing can be fun. Because sometimes, we just need to be reminded how much fun writing can be!

2. Carry on the tradition of Thank You cards. Thank you cards are super overrated these days. Instead we just don’t do it or we just make a quick phone call or even say thank you through social media. If you would like to get your kids in the habit of writing thank you notes when appropriate and keep the tradition alive, start them now. Plan to send out thank you cards whenever they receive a gift or support from family and friends.

3. Practice writing addresses. This is the perfect way to practice all those little skills of writing addresses. Where to write capital letters, where to put commas, how to abbreviate and more. Plus, they will have their home address down in no time. They will be able to recite and write out their address with no problems.

4. Art Skills. Whether young or older, kids love to draw. Let them enjoy art and makes one thing ng special for a friend or family member.

5. Practice Letter Writing. Did you know (I don’t remember when anymore) that kids learn the proper way to write letters in school? This is a perfect opportunity to either teach the skill ahead of time or at least practice this skill. Do you remember practicing this skill in school?! I know I have forgotten, but here is a little refresher in case you need it. Intro to Letter Writing!  Remember, there are still reasons to send letters, so knowing these skills will help your child in the future. Letters are great for writing to employers, requesting references, making a formal complaint, communicating with their bank, and much more! 

 So who is ready to start sending out that snail mail!? I know I am excited! Another quick & cute idea. I love to add little goodies with my letters or cards. Depending on who it is, I might send some stickers they would like, a piece of small art I created, a photo, a piece of candy, add some confetti or any cute little trinket! Think about the person you are sending to & decide from there what they might like. This should be fun. It should not be a task!

For those that do not write letters or cards, why? What is holding you back?! For those that DO write letters or cards, what do you love about it!? Tell us in the comments below! 

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