InstaChallenge: Launching Your Blog & Growing Your Instagram

InstaChallenge (2)

InstaChallenge: Your Blog & Instagram

Are you like me?! Completely new to Instagram? Or maybe you have been around Instagram for a long time and just need to add some excitement to your Instagramming ways! For me, Instagram is brand new! Still gauging whether I even like it or not to be quite honest! However, I know the importance it can have on my new blog I am creating. So, in order to get things moving along, because let’s face it, I have had my Instagram account for at least a week now and have yet to post on it. So I needed some motivation! What is this motivation I created for myself you ask!? I created an InstaChallenge!



So who wants to join in on the fun of this InstaChallenge!? Whether you are launching a new blog or just want to do something different with your Instagram, feel free to join! And when you do post your photo, be sure to include hashtag #MHInstaChallenge in your post! Now I know you might be looking at my list and thinking, some of these don’t apply to me. So let’s make it fit.

For Day 10, change it to your state or country!

For Day 8, don’t have kids? That is fine. Just change it to something that has to do with your target audience.

For Day 5, change this to your business name & post something related to your business! See, OneLove Resolutions is my business! Check it out if you like!

For Launch Day, if you are NOT launching your blog, change this to a different type of post. Or keep the welcome post. Maybe you have tons of new readers and want to welcome them formally!

All the other days can work for anyone! So each day plan on taking 1 photo that represents the topic for the day! That easy! I say that now and watch I will forget haha. But no, seriously, 1 photo a day. I think even I can do that. I will share all my pics at the end of the challenge just in case you missed them! And remember, I want to see your pictures too! So use hashtag #MHInstaChallenge so I can follow along. If all goes well, I have a feeling I will be hosting a MONTHLY InstaChallenge so that I keep on top of my Instagram as well!



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