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Nohea: Blogger, Mama & Entrepreneur Behind Mommyhood ABC’s

Mommyhood ABC's Blogger Nohea
That is me!

Hello! My name is Nohea and I am a Mommy, a Girlfriend (that’s right, we aren’t married, but might as well be), an Entrepreneur, a Blogger, a Sister and Daughter, & so much more! I am so excited to get this blog going. I have been thinking about blogging for so long and I am finally going to do it! I knew I wanted to include all things I love. Over and over again, I hear to choose a niche. That was hard for me. I want to write and talk about so many things. I know being a mommy is a BIG part of who I am, so I figured my blog would have something to do with Mommyhood.

Then it came to me! I would create a blog based on ABC’s. That is so “kiddish” right!? I figured I could come up with a topic for each letter of the alphabet that I would want to include in my blog. It would of course all revolve around Mommyhood, but it would allow me to talk about so much more!!
So here I am. Finally getting started with my blog. Part of this blog is because I need an outlet. An outlet to express how I am feeling, what I am dealing with and just the ups and downs of being a mommy. Another part of this blog is sharing my own personal business and really growing that business. Let’s be honest, these days, many people get into blogging for money. I am not going to lie. I would love for that to happen, at the right moment. I think I have potential to make that happen. However, if it doesn’t, I at least have an outlet to share some great content with other mommy’s and families around the world!

On a side note. I am Hawaiian. Born in Hawaii, but raised in Florida. My family and I live in beautiful Colorado! If I could move back to Hawaii, I would do it in a heartbeat. We took our boys for the first time to Hawaii in October 2015. They fell in LOVE with the ocean! Which, who could blame them?! We hope to go back every other year. It had been 5 years since my boyfriend and I had been home, and that was WAY too long for the both of us! I am currently pregnant! And of course…another BOY is on the way! Because you know, I am meant to be surrounded by boys I guess! I am due May 2016, so we are getting close to having kiddo #3 in the house! I am currently a WAHM and although I have been going back a forth with going back to work or not, I currently am happy being at home. I work for an Arizona Based company creating social media content for businesses nationwide. Locally, I am working on expanding my business services of marketing & events! I do tons of Volunteer work, get to attend my oldest son’s school activities and “BE THAT MOM!” that participates in PTA and everything else offered to parents! When I am taking a “break” from being mom I love dancing, having girls nights out, going on date nights with the bf, laughing out loud, being creative, and enjoying a yummy margarita (when I am not pregnant of course)!

So let’s get this blog started! haha. I can’t wait to share my stories and hear about yours in return!