Happy Birthday: 7 Things Moms Really Want for their Birthday

Mommyhood ABC's Happy Birthday: 7 Things Moms Really Want for Their Birthday

Happy Birthday To You…

Mommyhood ABC's Happy Birthday To My Mama

Today is my dear mother’s birthday! So to my mama, Happy Birthday! (This photo is definitely a #Throwback photo, from my first son) She lives in Texas, so unfortunately I do not get to celebrate with her and do embarrassing birthday antics with her. However, I do hope she has the most wonderful day. As I was thinking about my mother’s birthday coming up, I got to thinking about moms & their birthdays in general. I was trying to think about the last birthday I had that was really awesome. As I thought about it, I feel like most year’s lately, my birthday has been just another day. Nothing ever to exciting, nothing to really write home to about. And you know, I am okay with that. I get it. I am older now. I have kids. Birthdays are not supposed to be amazing forever. Right?!

Then I started thinking about it again. Why can’t they be amazing?! I mean we are celebrating the day we entered this world. So your birthday should always be amazing. And when I say amazing, I mean, it should be amazing in your own way. It should be a day where you are really happy and other’s really take into consideration what you would really enjoy. I feel that sometimes as we get older and take on the responsibility of becoming a parent, we forget that we deserve a day dedicated to ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that. Birthday’s are a great way to show other’s that you really know them, understand them, and want them to be happy. Think about the last birthday you celebrated for your significant other. Did you have the whole day planned out or at least do something you know they would love or get them something you know they would love? Now mama’s. Be honest, think about your last birthday. Was this done for you? Or was it more generic? Did you get a birthday card, some flowers and maybe handmade art from your kiddos? These are all great things of course, but did anyone really go out of their way to get or do something that they know you would really enjoy and love? If so, then kudos to you!

This post is for all the mamas who really don’t want a lot. At least we think it isn’t asking much. This post is also for those that are not sure what they should do for mom’s birthday!

I talked with a bunch of moms from all over to find out just what it was that they would love for their birthday. The responses were pretty much in line with each other. We all pretty much want the same thing. And it might surprise you, but it’s more about the experiences than the tags on gifts. Sure, you still want to present us with gifts, jewelry, whatever, we aren’t going to turn it down. But if you really want to show you care and are paying attention, you will want to add some of these to the list as well. So, here is a list of 7 Things Moms Really Want for their Birthday! And of course, in no particular order! Thanks to all the mama’s who gave their input! It was much appreciated!

Mommyhood ABC's Happy Birthday: 7 Things Moms Really Want for Their Birthday

 1. Family Time 

That’s right guys! We still really want dedicated family time. We want everyone unplugged and enjoying each others company. We want to get out of the house and do something fun. Now the trick of this is, to make it super special, is that it is all planned….by you guys! Please do not make mom plan her family time for her birthday. Have the day planned out and surprise her with the activities you all will take part in to celebrate her! Even if it is just dinner, be sure you make reservations or at least have the restaurant planned. Mom should not be making her own plans for her birthday.

2. Dads – Take your kids to pick out something specifically for mom

Yes. We love our handmade gifts and gifts from you, however, it is great when we hear that our kiddos went to the store and found something just for us that screamed, “mom my would love this!” It gives us an insight into our kids and what they think about us and how much they know about us. My oldest is 6 years old and his dad takes him to the store to buy me something each year. And let me tell you, I have gotten a couple funny things, but the reasoning behind them always make me laugh. Plus, I LOVE Hello Kitty & my son knows it, so I can always count on at least one new Hello Kitty item on my birthday!

I wish my husband would take the kids out to get something [for me] with the idea that it is a day to celebrate me.

I think that is something a dad should teach his children, how to let someone know you care. – Andrea B., mama to a 20, 12, 9, 7 & 4 year old!!

3. Sleep

What do we want!? SLEEP! When do we want it!? NOW! But really, we will settle for our birthday. Whether you allow us to sleep in and you wake up with the kids or you just let us sleep the day away. Either works for us. Come on dads! Wake up in the morning with your kids on moms birthday. Just one day out of the year! And let me tell you, that sleep woman of your’s will get some much needed sleep and will probably be ready to “celebrate the night” if you know what I mean! **Insert Wink Smiley Face** But seriously, us moms would just love some sleep. So including that as part of her birthday present would be great. And emphasis on INCLUDE! Do not just plan on letting mom sleep in and that be the end. This should be an additional gift to her during her big day. Not the ONLY gift. LOL

I would be happy with 8 hours of sleep!! – Savannah N., mama to a 1 year old!

4. Me Time aka NO Mom Duties

Yes, we want family time. We always want family time. So don’t let this confuse you. However, we also need that balance of me time. Some of us need more than others. So you really need to know your mama. Some of us moms want complete, isolated “me time” for hours or even the whole day while other’s would just like a little “me time” to you know shower alone or use the bathroom alone or to leave the house for an hour or so alone. Now remember, this will take some planning. Because dad, that means you must run the household for the day or whatever time that is dedicated to giving mom “me time!” So plan accordingly!

I would love to go a day without having any mom duties. (Maybe I should ask for a unicorn instead, lol!) – Chelsea W., mama to 3 kiddos!

A night in a hotel, all by myself! Room service, movies and a bath…by myself! -Lisa G.

5. Mommy & Daddy Time

That’s right daddy! Step it up. She does want time alone with you. A night out, a lunch date, or a weekend away. Whatever it is that you can do, plan something for just the two of you to enjoy. And again, feel free to hint at things and ask her for ideas (long before her birthday) or better yet, show you listened to her when she has hinted to things on her own. But please, do not make her plan this for her birthday. You should be the planner and have it all arranged. So big or small, have plans in line, get a sitter, and spend some time with your special lady on her birthday!

6. Girlfriend Time

This falls in line with Me Time. Mom would love to get away and celebrate with her girlfriends as well. This is something she might plan on her own. However, definitely be there and understand her wanting to hang out with girlfriends. Support the decision. Give her some spending money. Plan to watch the kids for the night, no questions asked. Let mom unwind, drink with the ladies and make some fun memories. Really want to hit the jackpot, surprise her by setting everything up with her girlfriends ahead of time! I am sure her friends would love to be part of this awesome surprise!

7. Don’t forget the little things

Like I said earlier, we aren’t asking for much. Really! But don’t forget those little things that you have done every year just because you plan to do something new. Change things up and add some of these ideas to the list, but that doesn’t mean you can slack on past traditions that has always made mom feel loved. If your kids always make something homemade, still do that. She looks forward to those tokens of love. If you buy her flowers & a card or chocolate on her birthday, still do it. Just because you change things up, doesn’t mean you forget about those little traditions that have always been done.

My birthday…was great! I wish hubs had at least gotten me a card and flowers though. He only ever gets me a card and flowers on my bday, it was missed. – Nichole E., mama to 3!

So that is all. I know…not a lot. And they don’t all have to be done each year. Maybe use one or two ideas for each year. Or celebrate mom for the week and do a bunch of these ideas. Or guess what, these ideas would work for Mother’s Day, which in case you haven’t thought about it, is in 5 weeks! So keep these ideas in the back of your head next time you need a gift idea!

Tell us about the best birthday you have had as a mama! Why was it so amazing, we want the details. Comment below! 

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