Glamulet: Mother’s Day Gift Idea + Contest

Mommyhood ABC's Glamulet: Mother's Day Gift Idea + Contest

Glamulet: To Make Mother’s Day A Little More Special

This year is going by so fast! But then again, it seems like every year just goes by faster and faster. Can you believe we are already headed towards Mother’s Day?! That’s right, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th! Not sure about you ladies, but Mother’s Day has seemed like any other day to me for the past 6 years of being a mom. I mean, my family gets me a small gift and my kiddos make me a card, and sometimes we go out to breakfast or dinner or we make a special meal, but besides that, there isn’t much “hooray” around it. I still have my mommy duties to take care of and it is just another day. I am not complaining, but at the same time, I wouldn’t mind it if my family made it a little more special.

Mommyhood ABC's Glamulet for Mother's Day

*Disclaimer: I am partnering with Glamulet this Mother’s Day to bring you the content for this post. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.

What is Glamulet?

If you didn’t catch my past post, “Happy Birthday: 7 Things Mom’s Really Want for Their Birthday,”  make sure to read up on it. These gifts would be ideal for Mother’s Day as well. I know I would be down for any of these gifts this Mother’s Day. They would definitely make Mother’s Day extra special. However, for Mother’s Day, another way to make this day extra special for mom would be to check out Glamulet. I have said it time and time again, I am not big on jewelry, however, I know how many mom’s out there love it. And to be quite honest, I love their charm bracelets. So they definitely win a vote from me (which is rare when it comes to jewelry) So what is Glamulet?!

Glamulet designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and modern jewelry made from genuine materials at affordable prices. Their products include charms, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. 

Not only is the jewelry beautiful, but what Glamulet stands for is beautiful as well. As they put it,

Glamulet empowers women by giving them affordable accessories to state their fashion sense, commemorate an event or symbolize a special meaning. Two years after its launch, Glamulet is working hard to spread this vision worldwide to better the life of every woman.

I think these designs would be so much fun for kids to pick out for their mom’s. They would be able to choose just the right charm that fits her personality and style. Or better yet, they could choose charms that remind them of mom & explain to her why they picked them! Plus, dads, kudos for purchasing jewelry. I love these charms because they tell a story. With each charm purchased, it tells a little bit about the person for whom you selected the charm. Glamulet has made it easy to get that special gift just for your mom this Mother’s Day! If you are looking for the perfect gift, especially if you were thinking about jewelry, be sure to visit their website. They have charms that range from family to friends to zodiac signs to alphabets & numbers. They have something that will be perfect for any mom. Be sure to check out their Mother’s Day Gift Guide to shop for exclusive charms made just for Mother’s Day.

Want to win a FREE bracelet for you or someone special!?

Keep reading to find out how you could be a winner!

Mommyhood ABC's Glamulet Giveaway Contest

Check out some of these beautiful charms to choose from.  I would make one for my grandmother, who raised my sister and I. She has always been there. She is the one who helped raise us into the strong women we are today. I love the red leather bracelet choice for her, as it is bold, just like my grandmother. I love their memorable charms (#5) as you can put in your own image choice! How awesome is that!? And finally, the charms I chose for her tell a lot about her. (#2) The bible, for her love of her faith, (#3) She is my favorite grandma and I love her dearly, (#4) The butterfly, for her free spirit and love of purple and finally (#6) for the ocean, her love of water and her love of our home state, Hawaii. See how you can tell a story, just by the charms you choose! I just love that about Glamulet!

Mommyhood ABC's Glamulet Grandmother's Bracelet Choice


Aren’t they so fun and gorgeous!? I just love them. And by looking at the charms chosen, you can learn a little bit about my grandmother, just from the one’s I chose. If I were to make one for myself, I would choose the following. (*Hint Hint Family*)

Mommyhood ABC's Glamulet Mommy's Bracelet Choice

I like the simple silver bracelet. Plus, silver is my favorite! I chose (#1-3) for my three boys, these are their birthstones. I chose (#4) to represent my family. (#5) I chose of course because I want to be able to place a family photo as the image. (#6) This is one of my favorite quotes! (#7) This represents my bf & I. Although we aren’t married, he definitely has my heart.

Make Your Glamulet Purchase

So, I know you really want one now! So how do you make your purchase?! It is super easy. Just follow these steps and you are set!

  1. Go to the website and see what all they have to offer!
  2. Decide whether you want a bracelet, ring, or necklace. That’s right, they have more than just bracelets! But for our sake, I am going to walk you through purchasing a bracelet!
  3. Chose which bracelet you want to purchase!
  4. Now it is time for the fun part! Choose which charms you want. Now you can get a pre-made selection of charms if you like or you can design it completely yourself. Find all the charms here!
  5. As you find what you want add the items to your cart!
  6. When you have what you want, click on the little shopping bag at the top right side of the website. This will take you to the check out process! Just follow from there!
  7. Want FREE shipping?! Make sure your order is over $59.00 and your gift(s) will ship for FREE!

And just for my readers! You can get 15% off your order by spending at least $70 before May 9, 2016. Use the code BB-MOM for your discount!

Want a Chance to Win!

Mommyhood ABC's Glamulet 100 FREE Bracelet Giveaway

So now it is your turn! What would you choose?! Or what would you love to see your kids or Significant other choose for you!? Glamulet is giving my readers the chance to win 1 of 100 “FREE Bracelets Giveaway”. All you have to do is share the charms you love on your social media!

How exactly do you do that?

To win a free bracelet, please LOGIN to your member’s account first. Choose one or more new charms & share it in either of your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest account. You will automatically enroll yourself in the campaign once the share completed. Not only you get a chance of a free bracelet, the shared item is also priced down by 10% in the same time.

Let’s share & spread our love to Mom.

Feel free to use this hashtag when you share your fave Glamulet charms!


Remember…If you purchase from Glamulet, I have a special 15% discount code just for you! So take advantage of this opportunity today! Your order must be at least $70 + You only have until May 9th, 2016 to enjoy these perks!

Reader Discount: 15% Off
Reader Discount Code: BB-MOM

So I want to know! Which is your favorite Glamulet charm?! If you could only choose one?! Post it in the comments below!

Mommyhood ABC's Glamulet: Mother's Day Gift Idea + Contest

*Disclaimer: I am partnering with Glamulet this Mother’s Day to bring you the content for this post.  Powered by BrandBacker. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.


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