#2 Must Read Friday Roundup: Financial Literacy Month Tips

Mommyhood ABC's #MustReadFriday Roundup: Financial Literacy Month Tips

Financial Literacy Month

What is Financial Literacy Month?

April is Financial Literacy Month. It is a time to get educated about your finances. Unfortunately, including myself, many of us are not educated about our personal finances. Many of us are dealing with debt and living paycheck to paycheck. Financial Literacy Month aims to educate those of us that are wanting to get out of this rut and create a better financial situation for ourselves. While doing some research, I discovered this awesome website, Financial Literacy Month.com. This website was created by Money Management International (MMI), a nonprofit,  who wanted a way to share financial literacy information and education all year long, but especially during Financial Literacy Month. A lot of the information I have found for this blog is supported by this website. To find out more and read up on the information for yourself, be sure to check out the website! It is super informative.

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Do you know where your money goes each paycheck?! Do you know how you are spending your money? How about,do you know how you are saving it if you are at all? I know myself, finances are a struggle for me. I am horrible at spending and this year, one of my goals is to write out our budget and get things in line, but it is now almost May and I have yet to do that. Hopefully, one of my blog posts down the line will be me finally making good on that goal for the year!

If you are looking to do the same this year, be sure to check out Financial Literacy Month as they have a wonderful 30 Steps path to financial wellness. I love how it is all broken down and includes PDF’s, forms, links and ways to get each step accomplished. So be sure to check out their 30 Steps program that you can work through on your own time.

Mommyhood ABC's #MustReadFriday Roundup: Financial Literacy Month Tips

Some Financial Statistics

Thanks to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), I was able to track down this awesome infographic. They have put together an awesome survey for the past 10 years on consumer financial literacy. Check out this infographic to learn about the latest news in consumer knowledge of finances. You can read their entire blog here and download the entire survey here.

Mommyhood ABC's #MustReadFriday Roundup - Financial Literacy Month - Consumer Survey 2016

#MustReadFriday Roundup

So in light of Financial Literacy Month, I wanted to find resources for moms, kids & families to get their financial literacy on and get educated! Just because the month is almost over, doesn’t mean educating yourself is as well. So if you are struggling and need some help with tips, tricks, and knowledge, definitely check out some of these amazing bloggers who are sharing their secrets. I know sometimes financial literacy from actual financial professionals can be overwhelming, hard to understand or seem impossible. Sometimes it is easier to take information from our peers. So check out some of these #MustReadFriday financial blog posts. Remember, they may not be experts, but they are excited to share their resources, knowledge, experience and tips.

Making Your Money Behave – Why You Need a Better Budget – Cents of Sanity – Katie

This whole website has TONS of tips and tricks. Katie breaks it down and shares her experiences and how to. You gotta check out her whole blog as it has so many great resources. But I chose to share this blog post because personally, this is something I am working on. Or let me correct that, I NEED to work on. I haven’t done one yet, but it is part of my 2016 goals. Plus, she does a Part II to those post where she discusses Make a Budget That Works for You. So go ahead, get a pen and paper and take down some notes. Or if you are like me, get yourself organized with a notebook just for budgeting, a 3 ring binder to hold your resources and info, a pen, extra paper for notes and anything financially that will help you get your budget started (bills, debt letters, pay stubs, etc.)

10 Simple Ways to Save (When You Don’t Know Where to Start) – Joyfully Thriving – Kristen

Kristen has a wonderful blog on living the frugal life. She breaks things down into easy steps that anyone could digest and try for themselves. Here she gives some tips or ideas for 10 simple ways to save. Plus, she has other articles that break down these ideas even more. So if you are looking for small ways to start saving, because let’s remember, even the smallest steps will make a difference, check out these 10 tricks she has to get you started.

Tween Allowance: The Salary Method – Moneywise Moms – Gina

OMG! I can’t explain how much I love this concept. What a great way to prepare your children for the real world. Seriously, if I had this when I was a tween, I am pretty sure I would be so much better with my spending habits than I am now. My oldest son is only 6 years old, but believe me, when he is older, I am going to start implementing this! I might even start at 10 years old.I love this idea and so glad Gina has shared this post. I love how she breaks it down and even gives examples of how her son is actually learning from this experience. I only had one question, which was whether they automatically get that “paycheck” each payday or do they have to do the “work” and be responsible for getting their paycheck or all of it. So of course, I asked her in the comments. If you have tweens you need to check out this post!

10 Money Mistakes that Can Ruin a Marriage – Saving Dollars & Sense – Kristie

I love this post. For those struggling in your relationship due to money, you may be making one or more than one of these mistakes. I feel like we, my bf and I, just don’t talk finances, so we haven’t ever really argued. However, I feel like we both really want to get our sh*t together, but without really talking about it, nothing is being resolved. This is a great list of mistakes and ways to get past them. Plus, Kristie includes the original blog post that she read these from if you want more insight into each of these 10 mistakes.

10 Easy Ways To Cut Your Grocery Bill Without Coupons – Joyfully Thriving – Kristen

Here is another post from Joyfully Thriving. Kristen makes some great points here for saving money on groceries. If I know one thing, one of the simplest ways that even the professionals say to cut back on expenses in your budget is to start with your groceries. That grocery shopping can be budgeted and cut back a lot, you just have to take the time to assess and figure out tricks that work for you and your family. So this is a great list of ways to do just that. So if you want some tips on cutting back on your groceries, check out Kristen’s blog today!

Best Way to Save This Year With a 365 Day Savings Challenge – Mission: to Save – Mary

Mary has an amazing blog full of ways to save. Plus she seems to know where all the amazing deals are. So definitely check out all that her blog has to offer. I love those money challenges. And this challenge is super doable, even for your kids!! All it takes is pennies! I am serious. Go check it out and see how you can save $667.95 in one year! And I know…It is almost May already. But since you are working with pennies, you can easily catch up to where they are right now. So get on it and save yourself some serious catch this year that you can use for 2017 to go on vacation or buy something extra special!

Create A Budget in 10 Minutes – The Country Chic Cottage – Angie

Here is another quick and easy, create your own budget blog post. I like this one because Angie includes information about EveryDollar, a program through Dave Ramsey, who we know is king of financial literacy. This program looks awesome and the great part is, it is free. So there is no harm in trying it out. So check out how she gets her budget done in 10 minutes and makes use of EveryDollar to help her track where their money is spent and how you can do the same.

How To Spend Your Tax Refund Wisely – Mission: to Save – Mary

Here is another one by Mary with Mission: to Save. I figured this was beneficial especially since many have received their tax refunds back. We can all go a little crazy when we get a huge chunk of money put into our hands. So be sure you have a plan for that money and use it wisely. Mary gives quick, easy, and practical uses for your tax refund. And don’t worry, she includes some fun money in there as well.

5 Tips for Teaching Children Money Basics – Mom On the Side – Lisa

Lisa shares a quick and simple list of ways to help your child (at any age really) learn money basics. I like this post because it is a reminder that it really is so easy to show our kids money basics and that it really doesn’t need to be that hard. So teach money basics during play time, out on a grocery stop or taking advantage of setting goals for a toy your child really wants. These 5 tips will get you started on teaching basics to your kids today, instead of when it’s too late.

36 Budgeting Tips to Help Your Family Save Money – Kids Activities Blog – Paula

To end this roundup here is an awesome roundup done on Kids Activities Blog. Here are 36 ways to save money broken down into 5 categories: Special savings, savings for kids, savings for baby, food savings and general tips. Check out a bunch of these different blogs to help you with even more ways to save money!

Oh, I needed to share this infographic with you! As I know many of my readers are women, I thought you all would appreciate this She-conomy infographic to show how we are rockin’ the financial world right now. How awesome is this!?

Mommyhood ABC's #MustReadFriday Roundup - Financial Literacy Month - She-conomy

That’s what I got for you for this #MustReadFriday Roundup! I hope you enjoyed these great blogs and hopefully discovered some new bloggers to follow! Thank you to these great ladies who allowed me to use their blog posts for this roundup, I really do appreciate it. I know I have new bloggers to add to my reading list now!

How do you educate yourself on finances, let me know in the comments below! Hopefully some of these tips and tricks will help you with your financial journey! Happy Financial Literacy Month to all of you! 


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