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Mama Cook in the House…NOT! 

Who likes to pretend that they are this amazing chef?! Haha. I know I like to. My boyfriend is a chef. So of course I know I am NO chef lol. But guess what, I get dinner on the table for my kids. Whether it is thanks to the bf throwing something together before he leaves for work or just going for my go to, know how recipes. I am that mama that is perfectly fine letting her kids have chicken nuggets for lunch and dinner. Sometimes it happens okay! Deal with it lol 🙂 But seriously, I try. And it doesn’t help that I have such picky eaters. So finding recipes they would even eat are pointless. However, sometimes I hit a home run and find a recipe that they will try. So this page is for all those home run recipes. Plus, I may not be a chef, but I could totally be a baker! I love baking. So most likely there will be more baking adventures than any other recipe! But who doesn’t like sweets, right!?  So I say this is a win for everyone! I would love to learn about new recipes as well, so don’t hesitate to share your faves with me as well! Be sure to check out my Printables page for all the recipes that I add to the blog!