Mommyhood ABC's Family Page

Adventures of the March & Johnson Family

Family is a huge part of what this blog is all about! This is my outlet for learning how to balance just that, life, family and work! So of course family needs to be involved. I have 2 boys and 1 boy on the way. Yes! I am surrounded by boys & YES! I love it! Are we trying for a girl?! If I hear that question one more time. But seriously, 3 is way enough for me. If a 4th happens, well, let’s just say we’ll talk about that IF the time ever comes. Otherwise, I am super good with the boys I have now. They definitely keep us entertained and man, the things I have learned. Both very educational and other times just plain “I really didn’t need to know that.” haha! In this section of my blog, you will find all things family related! The main categories here include:

Mommyhood ABC's DIY Page

In this section you will find my kids & I exploring our creative sides! From craft projects and school activities to home fixes and adult DIY. So check out this section when you are feeling creative and ready to use your hands! Plus, I will share some of my favorite DIY’s that I have found online as well. I LOVE Pinterest. So maybe I will do some of those Pinterest DIY vs My DIY! Those can be super fun, especially when they come out so horribly compared to the beautiful example on Pinterest! haha 🙂

Mommyhood ABC's Kids World Page

Kids world will be just what it sounds like. True stories thanks to all the crazy adventures of having 2 boys (3 boys in May)! Who knows what will come of this?! I am sure there will laughter, bathroom talk, fun for kids, and so much more!

Mommyhood ABC's Mommy Diaries

Like I said in my About section, this blog is an outlet for me! Mommy Diaries will probably be the most personal part of this whole blog. Where I can express my thoughts and feelings as I live within the Mommyhood of this world! Some will agree and some will disagree. That is fine. I am not here to conform with everyone’s thoughts and opinions. However, I would love to get input, your opinions, your stories and to just build relationships from my “Mommy Diaries” entries!

Mommyhood ABC's Recipes Page

I love baking! I am not a great chef, but I love to try new things. I am a huge video food lover! I love watching those quick videos that show you how to make quick and easy items! As I try new recipes, I will share my thoughts on them and even some yummy pictures before we eat it all up!

Mommyhood ABC's Sexy Talk Page

That’s right. Let’s be real! Part of life includes those “sexy” times or in the mommyhood world, NOT so sexy times! I am sure this section will be hilarious! I will include “Sexy Talk” concerning me and the boyfriend! And because I live with 2 boys, you can only imagine some of the questions and comments that come from their mouths! So enjoy these snippets into our “sexy world!”