Colorado Springs Event: Empowered Flea Market & Bazaar

Mommyhood ABC's Empowered Flea Market & Bazaar

Empowered Flea Market & Bazaar Fundraiser

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Who is Empowered Colorado?

Empowered Colorado is a local nonprofit here in Colorado Springs. EMPOWERED Colorado is a not-for-profit service dedicated to building Self-Image & Self-Esteem. The program offered is comprised of 12 workshops that help teach essential life skills, while focusing on the fundamentals of Self-Discovery & Personal Growth through Positive Change. The program introduces coping and life skills that help achieve a calm, centered and grounded quality of life, while discovering Inner strength, Self-Discipline & Self-Awareness.

EMPOWERED Colorado serves girls and women who are struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse, suicide, domestic violence, eating disorders, bullying and any other self-destructing or belittling behaviors. Recently, we’ve been working with young females that are victims of online predators, human trafficking and the sex trade.

EMPOWERED Colorado’s mission is to help people learn to love themselves. We are a fellowship that encourages Paying it Forward, Mentorship & Service. Our participants come out of the program better equipped to handle life. They become active members of our community; they become advocates, leaders, teachers, mentors, volunteers and entrepreneurs. “So many lives have been changed because of our program, even saved a few!”

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If you would like to find out more about Empowered Colorado, please visit our website at

You can also connect with us on Social Media on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram! We would love if you would follow us & share with your friends & family! 

I love that I am able to be a part of this nonprofit. I am happy to report that I am the COO, Chief Operations Officer & Development Director of Empowered Colorado. I finally got to meet, Janel, the founder & Executive Director of Empowered Colorado this year. We hit it off, I started volunteering and I was asked to join forces with her and her co-founder, Kristin, the CFO, Chief Financial Officer. We may be a small group of women, but man, do we have the passion, drive, and love to make this nonprofit a success for our community. We have so much going on this year thanks to the love and support of our community here in Colorado Springs!

One of those such opportunities includes taking part in the Empowered Flea Market & Bazaar. This idea is the brain child of event organizer, Natalie Spencer. Natalie attends UCCS (getting ready to graduate!) and was given an assignment in her Seminar Leadership & Organizational Change class, to fulfill a leadership task for an organization, specifically a nonprofit one. Natalie, who has volunteered with Empowered Colorado in the past was more than happy to help conduct a fundraiser for Empowered Colorado. As Natalie says,

“I chose Empowered Colorado because I love this organization. I helped put on Empowered’s first Black & White Galla in 2014, and being able to help raise money for an organization like this is such a blessing!”

Thanks to community members like Natalie, Empowered Colorado is growing momentum and really beginning to be able to reach out to our community. I am so excited to see where this year takes us. We have so many community events coming up, it is a little overwhelming, but at the same time, so exciting for our organization!

Natalie decided to do a flea market & bazaar because she thought it only made sense for this time of year with people “Spring Cleaning” anyways. She thought,

“Hey, people will be doing Spring cleaning and getting rid of stuff anyways, this would be perfect!”

We are so excited to be helping Natalie make her vision of this event a success. Plus, we look forward to spreading the word to more of our community. Natalie has some great goals for this event. It won’t be possible without you. So we hope you will be there. Natalie would love to be able to raise at least $2,000 from this event for scholarship for our 3 Day Workshop Series. And of course, with this crazy Colorado weather, she prays that the weather cooperates with us so that everyone can come out and enjoy this event to raise awareness for Empowered Colorado. I believe her goal of $2,000 is possible if our community comes together for this event! So let’s see you all out there!

Mommyhood ABC's Empowered Flea Market & Bazaar

What is a Bazaar & Flea Market?

So what exactly does this event entail!? First of all, and the essence of this event, is the flea market. We have been busy collecting donations from the community of their new and used items that they no longer need. We will be displaying all of these items for sale to the public. Like you would at a garage sale, you can come a shop. Our community members that donated were given a donation letter as they can use it as a tax write off. If you love garage sales or you are a frugal shopper, be sure to stop by our event, coming Saturday, April 30th, 2016. It is so SOON!

There will be tons of items! Natalie actually told me she thinks she has too much! So a HUGE thank you to all of our wonderful community members who have donated to this event. And to continue with Empowered Colorado’s mission of paying it forward, whatever we do NOT sell that day, we will be donating back to another nonprofit that could make use of the items. We have not selected a nonprofit, however, we will call around and see who would like the items that are not sold.

However, we hope our community members come out and buy all the awesome goodies that will be out for sale! Plus, on top of these amazing donations, there will be the BAZAAR part of this event. This will include business vendors. Local small businesses that want to help show their support of Empowered Colorado and share their business at the same time. You can do shopping with these vendors and some will even be passing on a portion of their sales to Empowered Colorado. This is a great opportunity to get those last minute Mother’s Day gifts as Mother’s Day is coming up, May 8th, 2016. These business vendors are so excited to be a part of this event. We have some amazing sponsors. They include Rock Solid Chiropractic, Fidelity Mortgage SolutionsBrenda’s Bling Thing, Bill’s Tool Rental Inc, Party Time Mixes with Toni, and iT’z – who is amazing and allowing us to use their parking lot to host this event!

Mommyhood ABC's Empowered Bazaar & Flea Market Sponsors

We will also have music, giveaway prizes, a booth to find out more about Empowered Colorado & the ability to make a donation to Empowered Colorado, games and crafts, and much more! So this will be such a fun day to spend outdoors here in Colorado Springs. Bring out the family and even enjoy iT’Z afterwards if you can! They have been so wonderful to allow us to use their huge parking lot space. Plus, if you haven’t been to iT’Z before, you are missing out on all the fun!

So be sure to get us on your calendar! Again, this event will take place at iT’Z which is located at ITZ Family Fun Center parking lot. 3035 New Center Point Colorado Springs, Co 80922 on Saturday, April 30th, 2016 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. We can’t wait to see you there! Be sure to visit our Facebook Event Page for all the details!

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Donate to Empowered Colorado

Are you unable to attend the event and want to show your support of Empowered Colorado?! All donations are welcome and appreciated. Our biggest need is scholarships for our participants in our 3 Day Workshop Series. These workshops happen 4 times a year, quarterly. Our soonest workshop is this coming June. We take a small class of participants between 20-30 people. This way we can really grow relationships with each person. These workshops comprise of 12+ classes taught by certified and professional facilitators. These classes are basic life skill classes that unfortunately many of our young people are missing out on learning. Classes include fitness, time management, life planning, behavioral modification, financial planning, yoga, self defense, nutrition and cooking, mental health & wellness, career classes, and beauty classes that include hair, makeup & wardrobe. We conclude the workshop series with a photo shoot where they are able to feel and experience their beauty, both on the inside and out. And the evening ends with a graduation ceremony that friends, family and our supporters are always welcome to attend. This workshop series cost $600 per participant. So donations towards scholarships are always greatly appreciated.

Mommyhood ABC's Empowered Colorado Winter Workshop Series 2016 Participants

If you would like to make a donation, there are some easy ways to do so.

  1. PayPal: If you use PayPal, you can send a donation to Empowered Colorado to the email
  2. Go Fund Me: We have started a Go Fund Me. You can learn more about Empowered Colorado here and some of the items that we need specifically. Please click here for our Go Fund Me account.
  3. Check/Money Order: If you are more comfortable sending in a check/money order written out to I Am Empowered, you can send it to our office at 2502 W. Colorado Ave. #205, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. 

Better yet! Come out to the Empowered Flea Market & Bazaar and make your donation in person, so we can thank you in person!

So you all know Empowered Colorado is dear to my heart! I want to know an organization that means the world to you! Post your comments below! 

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