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So this section is all about GUIDES aka Directories! Not sure which guides I will create or when I will create them, but I will! This is for all my local Colorado Springs families. And who knows, if these are a hit, I might even do some on a more broad range that can be used by people living where ever. However, for now, I will be starting off on a local level. These guides will provide families with information from exploring the internet like a mad woman! I for sure want to do a birthday guide. So this will list all the amazing places in Colorado Springs that you can have a birthday party, along with pricing, contact info, pros & cons, and just basic information needed to decide where to host your kids next birthday! So if you have sections on guides that you would love to see, I would love to hear from you! So be sure to check back and hopefully I will have my first guide up soon! Remember, these take a lot of work and research. Some of the directories I hope to provide include:

Birthday Parties

Kids Eat Free

Parent’s Night Out

Daycare Centers

Best Places for Sledding

Local Parks



So like I said, if you have suggestions for further directory topics, please let me know! And if you are a business owner and want to find out how you can get additional advertising through these guides, please be sure to contact me. All listings will have basic information, but if you are a business that would like further exposure, I can definitely make that happen! And many times these guides will be posted, but not complete. Meaning they will continually be added to, updated, changed as information comes my way. So if I ever post one and you are like, “how could you forget….” I can always go back in and include them! That simple!