Hoppy Day: April is Frog Month

Mommyhood ABC's Hoppy Days: April is Frog Month

April Is Frog Month

Do you love FROGS?! I am guessing you, MOM, are not a huge fan. However, I know your kiddos are fans of frogs! Sure, they are slimy, green and wet. They have sticky toes and big eyes. But they can be super cute in their own way…right?! Anyways. April is officially Frog Month! And did you know, April 30th, 2016 is Save the Frogs Day!? So for all you moms that have kids that LOVE frogs, here are some fun facts, super cool activities and even some printables to celebrate Frog Month! Feel free to download this FREE April Calendar. To get the entire 14 pages of the Frog Month Printable, please subscribe below!



You can even check out this video with your kiddo if you like to learn about the history of Save the Frogs Day by Save the Frogs organization!

Toadally Awesome Facts

Here are some fun videos that feature fun facts about frogs! These videos will have your kids hoppin’ with laughter! And if you want even more fun facts about frogs, then be sure to subscribe to my website to get your hands on a jam packed Frog Printable! Fun for both you and your kid!

This video is super fun! DreamWorksTV brings you “5 Facts About Frogs that Will Have You Hopping”


Here is a cute video that shows the Life Cycle of a frog by Best Top Stories for Kids!


Hoppin’ Fun Activities

1. Fun songs. Who doesn’t love to sing songs?! Sing some fun frog songs with your kiddo. Here is Five Little Speckled Frogs!

2. Frog and Toad. Do you own any Frog & Toad books?! These are classics. This is the perfect time to pull those books out and get your reading time on with your kids. These books are great for toddlers, preschoolers and even your school-agers! If you don’t have your own Frog and Toad books, be sure to get your hands on some of these classics!

3. Hop like a frog. Get physical with your kids and spend some time inside or better yet, outside hopping like a frog! You can play leap frog or just hop around like frogs. See how far you can leap or how high you can jump! You can even get my downloaded frog printable for a fun leaping game to play with your little one!

4. Observe frogs in a pond. Do you have ponds where you live?! If so, lucky you! Get out and explore your ponds and see if you can find any frogs! If you come across some frogs, be sure to send us some pictures! We want to see those awesome frogs!

5. Celebrate your pet. Do you own a frog? How about give him/her some special attention this April. Maybe you could buy or make a new item for their home or feed them a special snack. Do you have a pet frog, show us those awesome pets in the comments below or on our Social Media!

6. Color Time. Who doesn’t love to color?! Check out these awesome coloring pages by Frogland. Find your favorite one and print it out! And if that doesn’t fill up your frog art needs, check out their art gallery!

7. Food & Desserts. There are tons of froggy themed desserts and foods you can create. I made some yummy frog cupcakes last month! Check them out and find out how to make them by subscribing to my website for the awesome Frog Printables!

8. Practice the letter F. Whether you have a super little kiddo who wants to scribble on the letter F or an older kiddo who could practice writing a poem using words that start with F, challenge your kids with some fun activities using the letter F!

9. Books, Books, & More Books. There are tons of frog books out there! Besides my favorite Frog & Toad books mentioned above, check out more of these fun kids frog books to read with your kids.

10. Write your own frog story. A great way to practice writing. Help your kid write a frog story of their choice. Even draw some pictures to go along with your story. Need an idea to get started, check out my frog printable to get started.

Mommyhood ABC's Save the Frogs Day

Save the Frogs Day

Want to take part in Save the Frogs Day that is celebrated on Saturday, April 30th?! There are tons of ways to get involved. So if you love those little froggies, be sure to do something fun to celebrate Save the Frogs Day. Whether you create an event, raise some money or make a donation, or you just share the knowledge, there are easy ways to participate!

Mommyhood ABC's Save the Frogs Donations

1. Make a donation. You can make a donation to Save the Frogs organization here. This is the 501(c)(3) organization that started this very holiday! You can learn more about the organization by visiting their website!

2. Art Contest. Find out about Save the Frogs art contest. Help them spread the word to schools and friends. Get your creativity going and create your art. You have until October 1st to turn in your submissions. Find out about all the rules and how to help spread the word here.

3. Wishlist. Save the Frogs organization has a wishlist for those that want to help their organization. Check out their wishlist today and see if you can help donate something.

4. Build a Frog Pond. Seriously. You can build your very own frog pond in your backyard or get with your community or school and see if you can build a pond together. Save the Frogs website gives you more information and how to build a frog pond. If you really want to make a last impact, this may be the project for you. Check it out here!

5. Take Action. There are tons of ways to help take action today. Find out how you can sign petitions, spread the word and learn more about different topics & how you can help now. Check out Save the Frogs “Take Action” page now!

6. Become a member. Join Save the Frogs organization and become a member today. This is the fastest and easiest way to make a difference today. Register to be a member here!

7. Create an event. People all around the world are creating events to celebrate Save the Frogs Day. If you are creative and want to create an event, be sure to register your event!

8. Save the Frogs day Poster. They have a gorgeous poster that you can print for yourself or share in your city. If you want, share the poster with friends, your school, and places around your neighborhood. Here is an 8.5×11 PDF or an 11×17 PDF.

9. Get your teacher & schools involved. Would you like to see your school get involved?! If so, here is a simple flyer to take to your school teacher or principal! See if you can get something started at your school this month! Print the flyer out here!

10. Shop the Gift Store. Save the Frogs organization has a cute little gift shop that you can shop online for some super cute frog items! So if you want to help donate and get yourself or someone else some awesome froggy swag, be sure to shop their store! Shop now!

And remember guys! Save the date for next year’s Save the Frogs Day!

The 9th Annual Save The Frogs Day: April 29, 2017

Please mark your calendars and start planning your 2017 Save The Frogs Day event: The 9th Annual Save The Frogs Day will be Saturday, April 29th, 2017.

Mommyhood ABC's Hoppy Days: April is Frog Month

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