Calling All Mompreneurs: Let’s Network

Mommyhood ABC's Calling All Mompreneurs: Let's Network #MompreneurMondays

Are You A Mompreneur!?

Mommyhood ABC's Calling All Mompreneurs: Let's Network #MompreneurMondays

Calling All Mompreneurs

When I started Mommyhood ABC’s, I knew I wanted to network and connect with other mama’s from all over who are juggling business & mommyhood. I decided, one of the ways I would do that would be to start a blog series called #MompreneurMondays! I have yet to start the series as I am reaching out to moms and hope to have my first post done soon. However, I figured, until then, I would create a post about being a Mompreneur, how you can get involved and what is included by being featured during a #MompreneurMondays post. So moms, I am calling on you! If you want to connect, be sure to get this form filled out asap so I can feature you on my blog!

Are You A Mompreneur?!

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you a mother?
  • Are you a business owner?
  • Are you juggling entrepreneurship & mommyhood on a daily basis?
  • Do you have wisdom and insight that you can share with other moms?
  • Are you looking for wisdom and insight from other moms?

If you answered YES to most all of these questions, you are MOST definitely a Mompreneur! And I want to connect with you! Whether you just started yesterday or you have been in business for 10+ years, let’s connect. Whether you bring in a couple hundred dollars a month or make over 100k a year from your business, let’s connect. Mompreneurs are amazing people. We are pursuing the duties of being a mom and trying to live in the moment as we share each day with our families. We are also following our dreams and making things happen. We are juggling these different lives while trying to mush them into one. Some days we are lucky to get into clean clothes and keep a clean house, while other days we are kicking ass with both our business and family life. Everyday is a new day and every day we are dealing with hardships and successes. No matter what, we take on this role as a Mompreneur with all we have!

How Can You Get Involved?

So how can you be featured on a #MompreneurMonday?! All you have to do is fill out this form! I am serious. And of course, I will interact with you through a couple emails as I will need some images, a logo, and possibly some clarification of your form. However, fill out the form to get this whole process started. Once the form is filled out I will reach out to you, set a date, request anything else I need, and answer any questions you might have. The form is made through Google Docs. It asks basic questions about you and your business. It also asks you 18 questions about being a Mompreneur. I know 18 seems like a lot, but some of the questions do not require long drawn out stories. Make each answer to each question precise, to the point and speak from your true voice! We want to entertain our audience and also capture their interest. So if you keep it too long, we will lose that. I won’t always use every question in the blog posts, however, this allows me enough content to choose from. Please be sure to send a logo that will be clear and legible for your business. Any photos you send are up to you. They can be personal, friends, family, self, etc. Or they can be less personal with just images of your business, services, or products. However, a combination of both would be most appreciated.

What Is Included In My Feature?

Mommyhood ABC's Calling Mompreneurs #MompreneurMondays

The great thing about this series is that it is completely FREE advertising for you! I want to share amazing moms & businesses from all over the world. So how will we do this? First of all, you will fill out the form! From there, I will send you email and we will connect and get to know each other. Once I have everything from you and we have asked each other questions, I will write up a blog post that features you and your business.

From that blog post, we can include an optional giveaway. This giveaway will be open to where ever you specify, either nationally or internationally as you will be responsible for sending out the giveaway once it is over. This giveaway should represent your business. If you do not sell actual products, you can use something generic like a Starbucks gift card or pick up a notebook & pen. However, these giveaways should be at least $25.00 in value. Giveaways will be hosted by Rafflecopter & the winner(s) will be chosen by

I will of course include social media cross promotions. I will of course share my newest blog post featuring you and your business, but I will also cross promote you social media platforms, website and content you have created. This cross promotion will occur for the whole week that your article is released.

There is also another optional choice if you are featured as a Mompreneur. If you would like an extra blog post about your business, I will do a product and/or service review for you the same month that your #MompreneurMonday blog went out. I will not charge for this optional review, however, I do ask that you provide me with a free product or service that I can review. This blog post will include further social media cross promotion.

Who Is Ready to Connect?

So all my Mompreneurs, reach out to me asap. I have a feeling once this gets going, it is going to be a force to reckon with. I am super excited to start connecting with all of you Mompreneurs and can not wait to learn from everyone! So all my Mompreneurs, come share your business and knowledge with us today! Fill out this form now!

For all my #Mompreneurs out there, comment below on one thing you LOVE about being a #Mompreneur!

2 thoughts on “Calling All Mompreneurs: Let’s Network

  • I love this tactic. I wish I could say my “business” was substantial enough to participate, but I’m just not there yet. Tweeting this post for exposure though!

    • Don’t say your business isn’t substantial. I am sure it is wonderful and you are where you are supposed to be for right now. You are a Mompreneur! So feel free to participate if you like. I would love to hear about what you do! Thank you for sharing!

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