#1 Must Read Friday Roundup: Appreciating Your Significant Other

Mommyhood ABC's Must Read Friday Roundup: Appreciating Your Significant Other

Appreciate Your Significant Other Day

#1 Must Read Friday Roundup

This is my first attempt at a Roundup Post! So for those that might not be familiar. Roundup posts include other bloggers posts that I have found on the web and really enjoyed. I decided I wanted to do a Roundup post because I love connecting and supporting other people. And who knows, maybe karma will come my way and others would like to support my blog as well. So as I was deciding how I wanted to do these roundup posts, I decided I would do them 2 times a month. I am going to call my roundup posts Must Read Friday Roundup! I will have a theme each roundup so it will not be a bunch of randomness. I am random enough lol. So I am excited to present you with my very first roundup for this blog! #MustReadFridayRoundup

Mommyhood ABC's Must Read Friday Roundup: Appreciating Your Significant Other

Significant Other Appreciationย Day

So technically the day is Saturday. And technically it is Husband Appreciation Day. However, not all of us are married, like myself. However, I do have a wonderful Significant Other in my life who might as well be my husband. A little background on him. No name as he would kill me. But we have been together forever it seems. We met in 2005 in college in Hawaii. Since then we have been together on and off. However, for that past ย 6 years it has been on as we had our first child in 2009. And now it is 2016 and we are awaiting the arrival of baby #3. We have been through a lot together, that is for sure. I wanted to do a roundup post for this because I want more ways to show my appreciation. He is so amazing and works so hard for our family. Sometimes I feel like I don’t show enough appreciation. So these are some posts that I have been privileged to read and really get some good ideas from!

We are not in anyway your super lovey dovey, PDA, kissing and hugging all the time type of couple. However, we both know how much we love each other and that is enough. However, there are days that I would love to show a little extra appreciation. He really does deserve it. He is a wonderful dad, a best friend and does so much for our family. So for anyone out there looking for ways to show your significant others a little more appreciation (on a daily basis or just because basis), this post is for you! And I say anyone, because I feel like some of these ideas could work for a guy appreciating his lady or a lady appreciating her guy.

So without further ado. Here is my #1 Must Read Friday Roundup list in no particular order! I hope you enjoy them. And be sure to spread the love by visiting these bloggers posts, commenting & sharing and also commenting on my page on which blog post was your favorite!

Loving My Husband with Lunch Box Love Notes – Pixie Dust Savings – April H.

I don’t pack my boyfriends lunch. However, love notes are still such an easy way to show appreciation. I love that she has given some ideas as to what she writes on her love notes, because, I will be honest, my love language is NOT words of affirmation, so I have trouble putting my feelings into writing. So this is a great post for getting ideas flowing. But remember, don’t be fake. Write your love notes the same way you all talk to each other. Be real. And I agree with April, writing them personally with pen & paper makes it so much better.

Does Your Spouse Support Your Business Dream – The Magic Brush Inc. – Jennifer A.

This post is a great reminder post of a few things. 1. That you should feel supported & you should also be supportive. 2. You should be each other’s cheerleaders. and 3. No one is a mind reader! Check out this post about this sweet couple who really understand the meaning of supporting each other’s dreams, business wise or personally! Sometimes we forget the simplest of things, and this is a great reminder to just support each other!

Romance and Toilets – Happy Valentine’s Day – Simple Life Abundant Life – Sarah N.

Show acts of love just because, not just on special days. That is right. Sarah tells this sweet story about her husband who makes sure to complete this “small” task just so his wife is happy. And that is what this is all about. Showing acts of love just because. So read this short and fun story about a couple who spends their V-Day fixing a toilet!

Days Since Love Letter Project – Real Life at Home – Angie K.

Oh how I love this! Now. Angie shares this fun little love letter project. I will admit, I am horrible with dates (which is something you will need to try to remember). I am not positive on when my boyfriend and I met and definitely don’t remember when we started dating. I know, I suck. But again, like I said, we are not those lovey dovey, gushy types. I have always been more like a man when it comes to love…haha. However, I could at least get the year and probably month, so I could just work from there. But this is a super cute idea and better yet, it is FREE and I would get to use markers, stickers & all that fun stuff, which I love. So definitely go and check out this fun project. I know I am putting it on my TO DO LIST!

Valentine’s Day Is Designed For All the Single Ladies – The Jenny Evolution – Jenny H.

I love this post because she speaks the truth. Just as this silly little holiday will come to pass tomorrow, just like Valentine’s Day is one day and passes as well. Everyday should be a day to remind our significant other that we love and appreciate them. And I love how Jenny puts it, “it is a mature love…” That is definitely where I feel our love is. It is “mature.” It is about loving each other daily, remembering that we are in this together no matter what, laughing even when it is hard and holding strong together.

How to Have A Romantic Date Night at Home After the Kids are In Bed – Two Kids and A Coupon – Kim R.

I love how simple this is. Simple, yet a great way to show appreciation and spend some fun quality time with each other. Just because you can’t have a night out on the town, doesn’t mean you can’t share that same experience right in your own home. And with baby #3 coming in May, I have a feeling some of these ideas will come in handy for the next few months until we get on a schedule and baby is sleeping better through the night. So check out this blog for some fun ideas to romance each other even while at home!

That’s what I got for you for this #MustReadFridayRoundup! I hope you enjoyed these great blogs and hopefully discovered some new bloggers to follow! Thank you to these great ladies who allowed me to use their blog posts for this roundup, I really do appreciate it. I know I have new bloggers to add to my reading list! So when tomorrow comes, I hope you take some time to show appreciation to each other!

In fact, let me know how you show your appreciation in the comments! Maybe I will get more ideas than I have already! Happy Husband Appreciation Day folks!

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    • Thank you for letting me use it! I enjoyed going through the rest of your blog as well!! You have some great stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks for including my “Days Since” project! I’m not usually good on dates, but I just happen to remember a whole lot of those kinds of dates. Plus, the only one that might have been a little harder to remember would have been the day we started dating, but it happened to be my grandpa’s birthday. So, that made it stick in my head better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thank you! But yes, I loved the idea, so had to use it :-). I am going to give it a go soon. We have some pretty important dates, so it will be fun. I will have to share once I do it!

    • Thanks hun! I really enjoyed it. And I saved your blog under my Disney Dreams bookmark for when we start planning for our 1st trip!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you! And I look forward to joining this Link up party! I can’t wait to start reading some of the other blogs linked for this week!

  • This is a great idea! You’ve done all the work for me- all I have to do is click the links and read now! (Unless you plan to create an audio of you reading the posts for us, too? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Thanks for linking up at the Family Joy Linky Party!!

    • Thanks so much! And don’t count on that audio lol. I currently am working through my fear of video and audio recording lol. I know it is great to use for bloggers, but it is definitely not my thing haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It is so important to appreciate our significant others – and to make them feel appreciated too. I’m so glad you shared this post with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop. I’ll be featuring it at this week’s hop. Look forward to seeing you there!

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